Europass e-Portfolio

The Europass e-Portfolio offer you the chance to create a free profile where you can record all your achievements, skills and qualifications in one personal secure online space.

You can use the information in your profile to create tailored Europass CVs and cover letters, using different templates, for your job or course applications. After creating new documents with just a few clicks, you will also be able to store them in your Europass library for future use. You will also receive job and course suggestions based on your skills and interests. The e-Portfolio includes: Europass Profile, online editor, document library and applications tracker.

Europass Profile provides you with the opportunity to create a personal profile to describe your skills, qualifications, learning and work experiences. This information will be used to provide you with suggestions on job and learning opportunities.

The Europass profile can be completed online. Further information can be found by clicking on the buttons below or by visiting the Europass portal link.

The Europass online editor includes a CV and cover letter. You will be able to create their CVs and cover letter based on the information inputted in your personal profile. The advantage, not only of a user-friendly online interface, but the editor also provides suggestions as to the type of information that should be provided in a cover letter – useful for inexperienced job-seekers.

The both Europass CV and cover letter are in a standardised format that is recognised, and used, throughout Europe. Whatever job you are applying for, the Europass CV presents your skills and competences in a clear format that makes it easy for potential employers to be able to understand what you are able to offer.

Other tools that the Europass e-portfolio provides are the document library and applications tracker. The document library allows you to store evidence and documentation relevant to your learning and career. The applications tracker keeps a track of your learning and job application.

The Europass e-Portfolio can be completed online. Further information can be found by clicking on the buttons below or by visiting the Europass portal link.

The UK NEC has developed a CV Tutorial to assist you completing the CV online.

If you have successfully used the Europass CV and wish to submit a case study please complete the following template and email it to the Europass team.

Alternatively if you would like more information from participants who have completed this document please refer to the Europass CV case study page.

The UK and Irish National Europass Centres, in collaboration with the UK and Irish Euroguidance Centres have produced a video that will help young jobseekers identify appropriate skills and attributes that they can then promote to employers by recording them in their Europass CV.