What is Europass Mobility?

The Europass Mobility document is a standard document in use throughout Europe which formally records details of the skills and competences acquired by an individual during a period of mobility in another European country.

The Europass Mobility document aims to:

  • Promote European mobility
  • Encourage recognition of experiences gained abroad
  • Recognise individuals’ learning

Organisations across Europe often provide learning or training opportunities to individuals from a range of different backgrounds to help them achieve their potential. One of the key difficulties for the individual is being able to record the skills they have learned and back the skills up with evidence. This is where Europass Mobility can help.

Europass Mobility provides an opportunity for individuals to record and promote Lifelong Learning Programme activities. It describes the placement and show the skills gained during the programme activity. It records the linguistic, practical, IT, personal, social, work-based and ‘soft’ skills that the participant has gained during a placement. When it comes to recruitment or education admissions, Europass Mobility helps an organisation to find the individual that stands out from the crowd.

The process involves three participants; the individual taking part in the placement, a ‘sending’ organisation and a ‘host’ organisation.

Participants of the following programmes are automatically eligible for the Europass Mobility document:

By registering with Europass Mobility, organisations can help individuals identify the skills and experiences they gain when they are sent on work or study placements within Europe. Under the Europass Mobility scheme organisations can help an individual identify conducted activities which will help them develop new skills and competences. All the organisation has to do is register on the Europass website.

Here is a video tutorial of the registration process:

Before registering for the Europass Mobility Document please download the guide for completing the Europass Mobility Document and refer to the documentation which outlines the application process.

A host is any organisation offering a short course, voluntary activity or work placement to the individual. Host Organisations should describe the skills and competences an individual has gained as a result of the experience and record these in the Europass Mobility document.

If you would like more information about the Europass Mobility Document a case study and an example of a completed Europass Document can be downloaded.

The Europass Mobility Document:

  • Provides added value to the project by recording the purpose and outcomes of the individuals’ placements.
  • Increases the transparency and visibility of the project/placement and provides an opportunity to disseminate the results.
  • Helps organisations to recognise an individual’s learning achievement
  • Facilitates the recognition of a variety of types of learning and training situations
  • Presents transferable skills and competences gained during a placement
  • Provides additional information on the employability of an individual through these acquired skills and competences

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